Canal Boat Races

One of the most competitive and exciting events of the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival will soon be upon us-the 2018 Canal Boat Races! This annual Labor Day event will be held on Sunday, September 2nd, from 2:00 to 5:00 p.m. in the Stradley Park Greenspace (behind the Municipal Building) in downtown Canal Winchester.



This timed event consists of teams of four people navigating a boat through a road course of challenges. Each team will start by loading three team members into their boat while the last team member stays out to push and steer the boat through the course.  The boat is then pushed from challenge to challenge, where the entire team will compete to complete these challenges.  Each team will be timed throughout their navigation of the course and the team with the lowest time wins first, second, or third place, respectfully, for their category.




First Challenge: The Pirate Swirl Place your forehead on the top of paddle, and the bottom of the paddle on the ground, and then circle around three times. Your forehead must stay on the paddle, and the paddle on the ground, while completing this dizzying challenge.


Second Challenge: The Spellbound Puzzle Unscramble the letter blocks to spell the phrases on the table. When completed correctly, the blocks spell two different phrases, one on each side.


Third Challenge:  Splish Splash/Fish Splash Three team members will place their faces in the holes of a target board while the last member throws wet sponges through empty holes on the target board. Three sponges must pass through the open holes in order for the team to move on to the finish line.




Each team is comprised of four team members who fit into one of the categories below.  Individuals can compete on more than one team and in different categories. 







1.    Ages 14 – 18

2.    Ages 19+

3.    Families

4.    School (Any School – Any Sport/Club)

$100 bonus to winner’s school –sport or club!




There is no entry fee. All prizes are cash and awarded after the conclusion of the event, the following week after Labor Day.  Teams must claim their prize money at the Canal Winchester municipal building. (The school bonus, for the team that comes in first place, will be awarded to the school and the $100 will be transferred to the coordinating school team or club.)

Canal Boat Races

Sunday, September 2

2:00 p.m. - 5:00 p.m.


Canal Winchester Labor Day Committee

36 S. High St.  Canal Winchester  43110