Parade Registration Is Open

Entry will remain open until August 23rd, 11:59 p.m.

Staging Begins

Monday Sept. 7th, 10:00 a.m.
**Entrants will receive their staging time one week before parade 


Float Judging

10:30 a.m. 


Parade Begins

1:00 p.m. 


Organizers of the 100th Annual Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival are working on a theme for the parade.


Still need to pay a fee?  (Click here)


Commercial - $50.00

Commercial or CWHS Class/Alumni FLOATS - No Charge


Political FLOATS - $75

Political (non-float entries) - $125.00

Non-Profit - No Charge

OFEA Queens - No Charge


Marie Gibbons


What is this year’s theme?
Currently working on the theme.

How can I participate in the Canal Winchester Labor Day Parade?

Can I just show up that day and join somewhere?
As a permitted event, all participants in the parade must be a part of a registered group. We cannot allow people to simply drop in and registrations will not be accepted the day of the parade.

Where will we appear in the Canal Winchester Labor Day Parade?
The Parade Committee determines the placement of floats and walking groups in the Parade. We take many things into consideration when arranging the parade, including tradition, sponsor recognition, floats with sound, previous year’s parade winners and more. Our primary goal is to make sure that the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival Parade is exciting for our spectators from beginning to end.

How long is the Parade?
For participants, it typically takes one hour to travel the approx. 1.3 mile-route from formation to dispersal. This year, the parade will again kick off at 1PM so your placement in the parade will determine your finish time.

How long will our group have to wait in the staging area?
That depends on where you are placed in the parade order. Based on past experiences, it could be anywhere from 1-3 hours before your group officially enters the parade. We encourage you to plan ahead for food, water, sunscreen, and other necessities. Portable relief facilities are set up at the north end of the high school and in the football stadium. Please do not enter the high school for any reason.

Where do we get a float?
We recommend that you build one using a tow vehicle and trailer. Almost anything can be an entertaining entry as demonstrated in our Presentation. You contract with our float partner, Creative Floats , (330) 432-3449, aksterowicz@roadrunner.com). Creative Floats provides floats for a lot of parades in the area, so we recommend reaching out to them early. A parade entry can still be entertaining and win a prize without a float. Be creative. For more tips and ideas, visit the website.

Where does the money from registration fees and parade donations go?
Bringing the Canal Winchester Labor Day Festival and Parade to life every year is expensive. Between supplies, equipment rental, and entertainment the cost of the annual event has risen dramatically from our early days. In addition to this, the Labor Day Parade ends at the Festival, which is free to attend, but cost the organization money to produce. Any profit from the Parade goes to help supplement the festival.

What do I do if, after registration, we decide to change our plans (e.g. adding a sounds system, adding a vehicle, more marchers than anticipated, etc.)?
Please contact mariegibbons@outlook.com with any changes as soon as possible. Changes made after August 23rd may not be able to be accommodated without changing your location in the parade.

How much room will we have for our banner/float/equipment, etc.?
The majority of the parade route is quite spacious. You will encounter overhead hazards, and other obstacles. We recommend that you keep your banners and vehicles less than 16 feet wide and no more than 13 feet high. Floats, including towed objects, must be less than 40 feet long, from front bumper to back bumper, to successfully navigate turns.

Can I bring a pet?
We strongly discourage bringing pets –either being in the parade itself or to the Festival as the noise and the weather can upset our furry friends. While some years have seen inclement weather there have also been years when the heat can be extreme.

How are participating organizations recognized at the Parade?
There are numerous creative ways to make an impact and gain recognition at the Parade. Music, costumes, giveaways, choreography, chants, or props can all help you stand out amongst the 60+ groups marching through downtown Canal Winchester and the surrounding residential community. We challenge you to surprise us and showcase your creativity. In fact, we offer awards to some of the best!
A panel of judges’ choose the awardees. Please have your entry ready by noon. Awards are presented as the parade steps off. At the very least, we recommend that all groups have a large sign or banner at the beginning of their group to identify who they are to judges, spectators and media. Please remember that signs and banners will need to be visible on both sides of the route, by distance of up to 10 feet away.

This year’s award categories are:
Best Use of Theme
- Overall organization that has best incorporated and promoted this year’s theme across all marching contingents, floats, dancers, creative costumes, signs and giveaways through color, quotes, songs and cheers.

Best Float
- Most entertaining float that incorporated their idea into float, shirts, creative costuming, banners and posters, giveaways and any performance(s).

Best Marching Contingent
- Marching groups only. Floats are not eligible for this award.
- Most entertaining walking/marching unit
- Use of theme incorporated into costumes, shirts, banners and posters, giveaways and any performance(s).


Canal Winchester Labor Day Committee

36 S. High St.  Canal Winchester  43110